Board of Directors

Lorri Volkman - Training Director - Co-Founder 

Nancy Reid - Executive Director

Board Members

Janet Ingraham

Marty Will

Every day dogs are being euthanized at overcrowded shelters that simply do not have the room to shelter them all. Every day disabled veterans live in isolation and despair. Dogs 4 Disabled Veterans brings them together in partnership and love.


Through community involvement programs, we educate, communicate and demonstrate the value of service dogs.

We also recruit volunteers for fostering, weekend socialization, sponsoring, and training of the rescued dogs.

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John and Abel's heartwarming story
Gabe was waiting to be euthanized at an animal shelter when he was nine months old. A rescue organization found him and realizing what a great dog he is, they saved his life and
brought him to us!

Of the 2.9 million disabled veterans, the majority of them are 90% disabled, while over 200,000 veterans are 100% disabled.

‚ÄčSomething as simple as opening the refrigerator or closing the front door can be an insurmountable challenge for some of these veterans, but with a service dog these seemingly unfeasible tasks are made possible.

Too many unwanted dogs with enormous potential to serve are euthanized in overcrowded shelters. It has been estimated by The Humane Society of the United States that nearly 6 million animals are put down every year.

Dogs 4 Disabled Veterans would like to help lower the numbers of euthanized dogs and give them a purpose by bringing them together with disabled veterans who desperately need them. The service the dogs provide fills the veterans life with more independence and a chance to more easily integrate back into the community.

Dogs 4 Disabled Veterans is a unique all volunteer organization with an "everyone wins" philosophy. The dogs in our program come from rescue organizations and animal shelters and demonstrate the right temperament to potentially become service dogs. The dogs are placed at the Department of Corrections, Martin Correctional Facility Work Camp where inmates train the dogs through a train-the-trainer program under the guidance and direction of Dogs 4 Disabled Veterans trainers. At the end of their training the dogs are donated to a disabled veteran. The dogs, inmates and veterans all win through the rescue, training and placement process. The Board Members, Trainers, Foster homes, Dog Socializers and other Volunteers of D4DV recognize the true difference this organization makes in the lives of many and each one wins by knowing they played a part in making it happen.
The Vision of D4DV is to change the way people view dogs by recognizing their value, devotion and innate capacity to help humans. 

Dogs 4 Disabled


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